Ruler makes dismal collections in two days

Ruler makes dismal collections in two days

There was a time when fans used to go crazy for Balakrishna. Times have changed now and fans are not going that crazy for star heroes like before. Things have changed especially for Balakrishna as his fans are not that interested and this was proved with the film Ruler.

The action drama has released to some solid dull reports all over the Telugu states and the collections of the film are even lesser than the money of Pratiroju Pandage. Ruler has made only 6.3 crores whereas Pratiroju has made 6.8 crores in two days. 

This clearly shows that Balayya is out of form in every which way. The Sunday has also been dull for this film and there only a few takers in the single screens of AP. With this, the film is looking to become the biggest flop in recent times.