RRR Writer’s Scathing Comment On Jagan Govt

RRR Writer's Scathing Comment On Jagan Govt

The ticket prices issue in Andhra Pradesh has damaged the industry almost equal to the pandemic. The stars are worried to speak about it fearing repercussions from the Government. At this juncture, writer Burra Sai Madhav made a scathing comment.

“If the money needed to go into a Sulabh Complex (Toilet) is same as the money needed to go into a film theater. There is nothing more tragic than that,” Sai Madhav said. This is a scathing comment and it has received huge applause on social media.

People are demanding that the stars should garner the courage to question the Government on this issue. Meanwhile, It is known to our readers that the government has appointed a 13-member committee headed by Home Secretary Vishwajit to look into ticket pricing and classification of theaters. The committee will meet again on January 11th to look into the issue.