Romantic angle with Ariana is just for TRP’s says Avinash

Romantic angle with Ariana is just for TRP's says Avinash

Mukku Avinash is out of the show and is busy giving interviews. He is quite famous now and half of the credit should go to Ariana for keeping him famous. The romantic angle of these two has won a lot of hearts.

When asked about the same, Avinash says there is no serious relationship with Ariana and all the fun and romance that he did was to stay in the game. Avinash says that Arianas will always be his good friend and they will surely work together one day.

Avinash also says that it is very difficult to predict a winner as of now as those left in the house are very strong. This week all the contestants have been nominated and who will be that one guy who will come out from the house and not make it to the top five needs to be seen.