RGV’s Power Star trailer-Raises curiosity

RGV To Make Two More Films on Powerstar

The trailer of Power Star is finally here and surprisingly it is quite interesting. RGV starts the trailer by showing the character of Prawan Kalyan in a very upset mode after he loses badly in the elections.

The setup and the actor who plays Prawan Kalyan has done a good job by imitating the star actor well. The trailer is more about how disappointed Prawan gets after none of his speeches and promises he made work for the elections.

The characters of Prawan Kalyan star brother and AP’s ex-cm have been brought nicely in the trailer. RGV ends the trailer with a mystery many who comes to the aid of Prawan Kalyan.

Who is it and what he is up to in the film will be known only once we watch the film when it will release on July 25th on RGV World Theater.