RGV’s Power Star- Not against but for Pawan Kalyan

RGV's Power Star- Not against but for Pawan Kalyan

RGV has finally released his new film Power Star on his own theatre RGV World. The short film is about 40 minutes and has nothing great to boast about. But what is surprising is that RGV has not shown Pawan is a negative manner but narrates how people around him are misguiding him.

RGV also makes an entry in the film and overacts by saying to Pawan that he is the biggest fan of him and Pawan will win the 2024 elections at any cost. There are many scenes like this where RGV shows how people have utilized him.

That is the reason, fans of Power Star are not that angry with RGV. But in all this, one can understand the logic of RGV. From day one he knew that Power Star was not against Pawan but he instigated fans in such a way that the film created a solid buzz.