RGV to make a film on Uday Kiran’s suicide

RGV to make a film on Uday Kiran's suicide

RGV is creating a stutter with each passing day by making films on controversial subjects. He has just released Power Star which has made many heads turn and RGV has also made a lot of money with his marketing skills.

But here is the real twist, Pawan is also going to make two more films with the Power Star role. If this was not enough, he is making a film on the suicide of Uday Kiran which became quite controversial in the last few years.

Uday Kiran was supposed to become the son in law of Chiranjeevi but things mixed up in the last moment and after some years, he took his life. RGV is now going to make a film on this controversial topic and is going to target the mega family once again.