RGV targets Bollywood stars-Says show some guts

Does RGV have COVID 19-Here is the clarity

Arnab Goswami is a name that needs no introduction. He is the editor in chief of Republic channel and is a top media baron in the country. His shows are popular in the country as he trolls some of the biggest stars politicians just like that.

He has been handling the Sushanth Singh case in a detailed manner and was blaming Bollywood in a big way calling them all sorts of bad words. The Hindi film industry is silent and is watching the trolls that Arnab is doing on them.

But looks like RGV has decided to have enough of it and has counter attacked Arnab in a series of tweets. RGV says ” I believe that #ArnabGoswami has no other agenda but to come across like the ultimate hero a Dabaangish Salman Khan, kind by making all the film industry biggies to run for cover and for that purpose he will MURDER TRUTH”

He is now making a film on him and will show his real life is the news. He also urged the likes of Khan and Kapoors and asked them to stand up against Arnab and his brutal disliking on Bollywood.