RGV studying Sushanth and Rhea Chakraborthy’s lives closely

RGV studying Sushanth and Rhea Chakraborthy's lives closely

RGV is known to make films on controversial subjects time and again. He has decided to make a film on star media head, Arnab Goswami the other day and announced it openly oh his social media handle.

The inside info is that RGV is studying closely both the lives of Sushanth and Rhea Chakraborthy so that he can understand, why the media and especially the Republic channel head is hellbent on proving it as a murder of Sushanth and not a suicide.

RGV wants to bring out the publicity-hungry aspect of Arnab Goswami and that is the reason, he is making a film on him. He has gone silent for a few days ever since he was booked in a case by Amrutha Pranay for making a film on her husband’s murder.

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