RGV makes Lakshmi’s NTR a hot cake in just one day


When it comes to making publicity, there is no one better than RGV. Today, he created a sensation of sorts by tweeting a video which shows a hotel employee serving food. What’s special is that the man in the video looks exactly the same as Chandra Babu Naidu.

To make things entertaining, he said that anyone who finds that man will be given a reward of one lakh. So many started sending videos and lookalikes of Chandra Babu and the topic became hot.

In the end, RGV said that there is no need to get that the man directly and any actor which suits the role is also enough. The matter here is that RGV managed to create so much buzz about this film with just a tweet and only a day of its official announcement. That is RGV for you folks.

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