RGV in legal trouble for his film Murder

RGV studying Sushanth and Rhea Chakraborthy's lives closely

RGV is making all sorts of movies in the last few months. Next in line is a film called Murder that is based on the murder of Pranay, a Dalit boy who was killed by his wife’s father.

The trailer also evoked a lot of emotions and now Amrutha has approached the Nalgonda court. She has filed a petition on RGV saying that he is making a film on her life without taking her permission.

In her statement, she says “I have been in a terrible psychological trauma after the murder of my husband Pranay and the suicide of my father Maruthi Rao five months ago. And Varma is trying to cash in on the turbulent incidents in our lives by making a film based on the incident”. A case has been filed and we need to see what will RGV do in the days to come.