RGV becomes a new headache for NTR

Does RGV have COVID 19-Here is the clarity

Whenever RGV makes biopics, he creates a headache for many in the industry. He is going to do the same once again by releasing the biopic of NTR titled Lakshmi’s NTR. The cunning director has planned the release in such a way that the film will be mostly released along with the second part of NTR biopic Mahanayakudu.

Knowing RGV, he will create as much interest as¬†possible by showcasing the story through Lakshmi Parvathi’s eyes. This will surely draw vast reactions as Balayya’s NTR will showcase NTR like a demigod and RGV’s NTR will showcase the true facts of NTR’s life after the entry of Lakshmi Parvathy.

Though this is a headache for Balayya and team, many will surely be interested to know what RGV has up his sleeve. So, there is surely a lot of masala that is going to be generated in Jan 2019.

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