Record TV Ratings for Bigg Boss 4 Curtain-Raiser Episode

Nagarjuna all set to host this week's Bigg Boss

The Curtain-Raiser Episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 4 has recorded a Sensational Rating. According to BARC, the episode got a whopping 18.46 TVR Ratings, the highest among all the first episodes of the previous seasons.

This is very much expected as there are huge expectations on the show to satisfy the audience who are entertainment starved for around Six months during the Lockdown. However, the contestants for this season are the weakest among all the seasons telecast so far. It has to be seen how the show performs for the rest of the season. Here are the TV Ratings of the Curtain-Raiser Episodes of all the seasons:

Bigg Boss Telugu 1 – 16.18

Bigg Boss Telugu 2 – 15.05

Bigg Boss Telugu 3 – 17.90

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 – 18.46