Ravi Teja’s loss is Sharwanand’s gain

Ravi Teja's loss is Sharwanand's gain

Ravi Teja is in that stage of his career where he needs to get a hit at any cost. He is in a situation where he cannot try romantic films and do senior roles and that is the reason, he is finding it hard to get scripts.

Now, the latest info is that the latest film, Ranarangam was offered to Ravi Teja first but he had some reservations doing it. So, director Sudheer Varma took the film to Sharwa and the rest is history.

The film is ready for a release soon and if the film is a hit, then Ravi Teja will loose out on big time. But if the film is a flop the star hero will be safe but that is unlikely as of now.