Ravi Teja-Maruthi project to happen soon?

Ravi Teja-Maruthi project to happen soon?

Maruthi is ready with a solid story but he has no hero who is free and ready to give him dates. He was supposed to work with Varun Tej but he too is busy with multiple projects in the days to come.

We have heard from one of Maruthi’s team members that he is in talks with Ravi Teja and has also narrated a story to the mass Maharaja in the last few days. The star has also liked it and a possible collaboration is on the cards. 

Ravi Teja is going through a lull in his career and if he joins hands with Maruthi, his career can take a big turn in the years to come. But when will Raju do this project is the big question. He has to finish Crack and a film with Ramesh Varma as of now first and then do Maruthi film.

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