Ravi Teja Drops A Big Opportunity Over Paycheck Issues

This is why Ravi Teja is not signing any new films?

Every now and then, we hear Mass Maharaj Ravi Teja being stubborn about his paycheck. It has happened once again. The actor was supposed to star in Maruthi’s next film for GA2 Pictures but he has now walked out of the film even before it is announced.

Sources say that Ravi Teja demanded Rs 10 Crore plus twenty percent share in profits as remuneration. However, GA2 Pictures is not ready. They were okay to play Nizam rights plus twenty percent share. The proposal would come around 8 to 10 Crore or even less.

So, Ravi Teja is miffed with the offer and decided to give the project a skip. This is a big opportunity since Maruthi is known to be a minimum guarantee director and GA2 Pictures is a successful production house. He let go of the opportunity just for money.