Rashmika off to Goa for New Year’s eve

Rashmika off to Goa for New Year's eve

Rashmika has been working nonstop on her films in the last few days. So, she has decided to take a break for the New year. She was seen at the airport leaving for Goa to ring in the new year.

The news is that Rashmika will ring in the new year along with her close friends. Yesterday, Vijay Devarakonda also was spotted leaving for Goa. He has also made special plans to celebrate his new year with his close ones. 

But there are few funny comments going on social media that Rashmika and Vijay are in Goa and are they going to rin in the new year. Rashmika was linked with Vijay during two of her films but nothing happened later. So, we need to see if the two bump into each other in Goa or not,