Rana’s Film Becomes A Headache for Netflix

Rana Hints At Something Big About His Digital Debut

It is known to our readers that a citizen has filed a complaint with the Cyber Crime Department of Hyderabad Police against the latest Telugu film, Krishna And His Leela. The complainant alleged that the film has hurt the religious beliefs of Hindus by showcasing them in poor light.

The complaint is filed against Netflix and the makers – Suresh Productions and Presenter Rana. And today, the hashtag #BoycottNetflix is trending on Twitter for this very reason. We do not know if the case will stand from a legal point of view but it is giving bad PR for Netflix on Social media.

Going into details, their complaint is that the Protagonist is named Krishna and one of his girlfriends has been named Radha resembling Lord Sri Krishna. He also alleged that several sexually explicit scenes have been shown between them which hurts the religious beliefs of Hindus and degrade Sanatana Dharma.