Rana’s Director Turns Producer for AHA Exclusive Film

Rana's Director Turns Producer for AHA Exclusive Film

Director Venu Udugula who shot to fame with his maiden film, Needi Naadi Oke Katha, is now directing Rana’s Virata Parvam. The movie shooting has been completed except for 10 days of the shoot. On the other side, Venu will be making his Digital Debut very soon.

He will be producing a web-film which will be directed by one of his assistants – Kavi Siddharth. Sources say that the Web-Series will be based on Chalam’s Maidanam novel. The novel was published way back in 1927 and has stirred a huge controversy back then as it disregarding the then societal norms.

Maidanam is the story of Rajeshwari and Ameer’s passionate relationship. Rajeswari is a housewife and Ameer is her lawyer husband’s client. They set out on a journey filled with love and lust. Venu says they are rejuvenating the creative energy of the industry with this web-film.