Ramya Krishna’s Crucial Role in Liger

Ramya Krishna's Crucial Role in Liger

Sivagami Ramya Krishna is playing Vijay Deverakonda’s mother in his pan-India film, Liger. The movie is currently being canned in Mumbai. Sources say that the senior actress will be seen in a very important role in the film.

“Ramya Krishna’s character in Liger is fierce and strong-minded. Undeterred by their modest background, she plays an integral role in her son’s success in the field of Mixed Martial Arts,” a source close to the movie unit told us.

The film was about 75 percent complete. The entire shooting will be completed by summer. Liger is announced for September 9th release as Vinayaka Chaviti Special. September 9th is Thursday and Friday is the Vinayaka Chaviti’s holiday followed by the weekend holidays. So, September 9th is a very good date.