Ram Charan’s dedication is unmatchable for Sye Raa

Ram Charan makes solid money with Sye Raa

Ram Charan postponed a few schedules of RRR because of Sye Raa and his injury as he was giving everything for his dad’s film. He is a hands-on producer who has been involved in every aspect of the film from the past two years straight so that Sye Raa is made in the best way possible. 
Some said that he has just given money to his team and has left them with a free hand. But the inside info is that Ram Charan has given his life and soul for the movie and has been dealing with the entire team personally on a daily basis.

One of his team members says that Charan used to be present at each and every one of those sessions be it the costumes, set work of action scenes. Promotions wise too, Charan has been upfront and was responsible for getting Farhan Akhtar on board to release the film in Hindi. He wants his dad’s dream to be fulfilled and has given it all to make Sye Raa a bit hit at the box office.

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