Rajamouli facing the heat regarding RRR’s copy scenes

Rajamouli facing the heat regarding RRR's copy scenes

The teaser of Bheem from RRR clicked in a big way and made the fans super happy. But like for every movie of Rajamouli. there are many who try to find faults and the same was done with the teaser of Bheem.

There are several shots in the teaser which have been directly lifted from international videos and this was caught by many of the fans and now they are trolling Rajamouli that he is not shying away from copying scenes from foreign films.

This is nothing new as Rajamouli has done this previously as well. But this time, the media glare is more and the social media is not leaving alone anyone and are after Rajamouli now. So much is being written about this topic and we need to see if Rajamouli responds to this or not in the days to come.