Rajamouli Comes in Support of Alia Bhatt

Following the demise of Sushant Singh Rajput, there is a huge attack unleashed on the star kids in Bollywood over the topic of Nepotism prevalent in the cinema there. Alia Bhatt who herself is a Starkid got into trouble after her old statement about Sushant surfaced on the internet.

Sushant fans have been attacking her so much that she had to close the comments on her social media pages. Her films are also being targeted strongly. Following that there are rumors that Rajamouli may send her out of his Multistarer Project – RRR.

“I am not into the news so much these days. I know a bit about something happening but that does not bother me. She is an excellent actress and is a perfect fit for RRR. I am not bothered about what is happening in her personal life. Even the audience won’t bother I guess, Rajamouli said in support of her.