Radhika Apte Calls South Top Director A****le & her weird audition experience with him

Radhika Apte Calls South Top Director A****le & her weird audition experience with him

Radhika Apte and Neha Dhupia have combined to give a cracker of an episode of NoFilterNeha. We bring you the details

Radhika Apte’s weird audition experience

I don’t remember the name of the director because it was just an audition of a film that never happened. Oh my God, it was so dramatic. I came back from London and these guys said that they wanted to do a film, Vikram the south Indian actor is going to be in it, it’s going to be massive and it’s a period drama.

So, they called me down south and said we’ll give you a hotel, you come here for one day, the director wants to audition you. I’m not even exaggerating okay, I’m not even joking, this is exactly what happened…this director was some asshole, I can’t even remember his name, they got me a room which was a bizarre room! It was such a cheap hotel, I could not believe.

And I’ve not gone to South India or any industry where they’ve treated me like that. So I go to them and said I need to go back tonight, I can’t stay here. Then the director came and said ‘just want to see you in different poses’. I said I don’t know what that means so he just showed me some dance poses, thankfully. And with him, a bunch of people came in the room, all men, with cameras. And they were like they’re going to click pictures and I couldn’t quite understand where this was going, what was happening.

That got over and he said we have to get your measurements with masterji and again some 12 people came in and took my pictures in that little blouse and the period costume that they’d given me. They’re clicking pictures of me and I don’t even know where those pictures are! It wasn’t that anybody touched me or said anything sexual, it’s just that what was happening was not okay.

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