Producers Shivering to do a Movie With Mahesh

Mahesh to enter digital space in a big way

It is reported that producers are queuing up to do a movie with superstar Krishna in early days. The main reason for this is Krishna’s honesty. Because if Krishna’s movie became flop, Krishna immediately will give dates to the same producer, till he recovers the money. And when the film was hit, krishna will take the remuneration. Otherwise he will not take. This great minded made him superstar who made over 300 films. But now Generation has changed.There is a new trend in tollywood that star heroes will take some profits in their movies.

But here comes the biggest problem. If the production of the film is 100 crores, some films will not even return half of them. It is reported that Mahesh is taking nearly 50 crores as his remueration. Maharshi film has got 100 crore share and the producers have got no profits for the movie. With Mahesh’s remuneration and budget increase, the return on investment has come down.

There are rumors that Dil Raju, who partnered with Mahesh to produce the film, was not happy with Mahesh’s demanding payment. Mahesh’s share of the film is going to be over 50 crores. If the hero is taken huge remuneration, how much will the film budget? What is left now for the producer to hear?As with Bollywood heroes, our star heroes have to take only a share of the profits, so that burden on the producer will be reduced but more producers are in the field and more films will be made. It remains to be seen whether our star heroes will follow it or not.