Producer & Director Angry on Sharwa?

Producer & Director Angry on Sharwa?

‘Ranarangam’ starring young hero Sharwanand as gangster and the movie was Directed by Sudheer Varma and the film stars Kalyani Priyadarshini and Kajal Aggarwal as the heroines. Suryadevara Nagavanshi has built the banner of Sithara Entertainment in the submission of PDV Prasad. The shooting of the film was very slow. Initially, the film was devoid of any craze, with expectations for teasers, trailers and sharva looks. In the meantime, the film has generated good buzz in the audience before its release.

The film was released on August 15 as Independence Day. Though Sharvanand’s Padi Padi Leche Manasu may not Reach the audience expectations, Ranarangam has became a talking point in industry. The film competed with the movie ‘Evaru’ and made it to theaters. But while the movie was running, a moderate talk was brought.

Evarau became HIT in terms of collections with good talk. But the ‘Ranarangam’ collections seemed to get better on the first day and the second day slowed down. However, the film was completely dull by Sunday. The reason for this is that the sharwanand told to audience that since there is not much story in the film,I just accepted the film based on the screenplay. The producer and director were angry on sharwanand since he openely told it and then the audience changed their mind not to go for Ranarangam.

In the meantime, the filmmakers have been very serious on Sharwa, saying that the film’s collections have been slowed down. And while the movie is in theaters, the directors are saying that it is not correct to say. The film is heading towards the big flop in overseas and flop in India.