Prabhas Fans Confused Further!

Young Rebel Star Prabhas’ Saaho is progressing at its own pace. There are rumours that Prabhas will be beginning his next film with Jil director Radhakrishna from July and it will release ahead of Saaho. There are rumours that Prabhas21 will release in December this year while Saaho will be targeting Sankranthi 2019 release.
But then, sources in the movie unit tells us that Saaho’s Release Date is yet to be finalized and Prabhas21 will not release ahead of Saaho. It is not clear if Saaho will release in 2018 itself or will get delayed beyond Sankranthi 2019. Needless to say, this update will only further confuse the Rebel Star fans. The entire nation is waiting for Saaho after the stupendous success of the Baahubali series.