Power Star’s Gaddi Thintava – A full-on satirical number

Power Star's Gaddi Thintava- A full-on satirical number

Tha Gaddi Thintava song from Power Star is out and has gone viral in no time. Though many fans are slamming RGV for making such a song and film, the song is being heard time and again and is getting a good number of hits.

Firstly, RGV makes the singer croon the song in Pawan’s mimicked voice. Pawan is talking to his buffaloes and is revealing his problems and what all he will do through a song. All this looks weird but shows the way RGV is going to mock Pawan in the film.

The film is set to release soon in July on RGVworldtheatre and one can pay money to watch it. The actual feel in the film will be known only when the trailer is out in a few days of time.