Poonam Kaur targets star director-Calls him sick

Poonam Kaur is making news for some reason or the other these days. But Sushanth Singh Rajput’s death has given a good chance to talk about the problems people like her face in real-life from industry big wigs.

In a series of tweets, Poonam spoke about this so-called big director who is using a superstar for his own good and exploiting him. Poonam also tells that when she went to him with suicidal thoughts, the noted celebs laughed off that thought and said no one would care about her even if she committed suicide.

Poonam also indirectly told that the so-called celeb only takes his muses in his films and has the industry in his hand. Though she did not take names, the hashtag #guruji cleared it all that Poonam was talking about Trivikram Srinivas.