Pawan Kalyan’s Birthday Special or Torture

Pawan Kalyan's Birthday Special or Torture

While the entire Indian Cinema industry is shut down, Ram Gopal Varma is busy churning films online. So far, two films of the filmmaker – Climax, and Naked have released online. Ramu claims both the films to be huge moneyspinners even though the content has been disappointing.

On the other side, Ram Gopal Varma, a few days ago, announced a film titled ‘Powerstar’ on Pawan Kalyan. He spiced up things by saying that “BREAKING NEWS: My next film on RGVWORLDTHEATRE is titled POWER STAR… It will be starring   PK, MS, NB, T S, a Russian woman, four children, 8 buffaloes, and R G V… No prizes will be given for understanding who the characters are.”

Reports are that Ram Gopal Varma will complete the production within a month. The entire shoot will be done on the outskirts of Hyderabad. Sources say that the plan is to release the film on September 2nd coinciding with Pawan Kalyan’s birthday. Rumors are that Pawan Kalyan’s look-alike who was brought in to the project is now skeptical about signing the film.