Pawan Kalyan wants no perfection- Orders fast wrapping of his projects

Bhakt Gets A Chance Opposite Pawan Kalyan?

Pawan Kalyan is signing back to back films like never before. Today also, he launched a film that will be directed by Saagar Chandra of Appatlo Okadundevadu fame. This came in as a surprise for many of the fans.

But the general audience is not at all happy and they are in fact amused with the way Pawan is signing back to back films. So many funny comments are being made as to when Pawan will shoot for these films in the first place.

With today’s announcement, Pawan has five films in his kitty and will make more than 100 crores. But when will he do these films is the big question. The Lockdown situation has changed things in a big way and now with each passing day, the budgets are going to be taken down and Pawan has no problems with that and wants the films to be wrapped up in a hurried manner.