Owning a villa cost Raj Tharun his career


Raj Tharun was once a bankable hero with a unique image for himself. He rose to stardom with the film Kumari 21 F and became a sensation among the youth for his ease and dialogue delivery in front of the camera. But all that changed badly the moment he signed three films with AK Entertainments.

Raj Tharun saw this as a big career break and signed a three-film deal in exchange for a posh villa in Hyderabad as the remuneration. But what he did not understand is that the films he signed, Kittu Unnadu Jagartha, Raju Gadu, and Andhagadu did not bring him luck but made his popularity go down in a solid manner.

He signed the Dil Raju project Lover for remuneration sake and the same result was seen taking his career crashing down badly. Now, the scene is that he has not many films in hand and the producers are also avoiding him.