OTT Platforms Not Interested in Nagarjuna’s Film

Nagarjuna Finishes His Part for Wild Dog

King Nagarjuna’s ongoing project, Wild Dog shooting was held up due to the Corona Crisis. Few days back, there were reports that the movie may opt for a direct online release. But then, the makers have dropped all such plans now.

“The makers have held talks with three OTT platforms but all of them wanted to have the rights for paltry amounts. The OTT Majors are not in favor of bidding big amounts for the film given Nagarjuna’s form and a new director in the film’s ranks,” a source told us.

King Nagarjuna is hit by a series of failures in recent years. He has no proper hit ever since Oopiri in 2016. His last film, Manmadhudu 2 is a miserable flop. The actor is looking forward to the change in fortunes. With no OTT release, the makers will wait until the theaters open.