Orrey Bujjiga’s business falls like a pack of cards

Orey Bujjiga OTT Release Plan

Raj Tharun is going through a lot in his career as his last few films have bombed at the box office. So, he has pinned a lot of hopes on his new film Orrey Bujjiga that is being directed by yet another flop director Vijay Kumar Konda.

The film was supposed to release in April but did not due to the Corona scare. The makers had a good deal from many OTT platforms but they did not sell the film hurting many.

Now that big films itself are being sold for OTT releases, the makers are expecting good money. But the inside info is that the amount being offered by some OTT players is not at all good and big platforms are not interested in the film. So, the team is in a bit of tension now.