Online Film Mafia On the Rise?

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Did you ever wonder how come a trailer or a teaser gets 1 million hits in just one or two hours?. Or for that matter how will it get ten million in just a day. Well, the secret has been finally revealed.

There are a few agencies who do these activities for money. Close to one lakh is taken to make these teasers click for one million and sometimes the money is doubled and tripled when it comes to breaking records or previous hits.

So many production houses these days are doing these acts as a part of their promotional strategies. This is also the reason when you get surprised a small film getting one or two million hits. All that happens for money.

What’s more nerve-wracking is that this happens from countries like Russia and Croatia which are not at all spoken about. So, the next time you see a producer boasting about his trailer’s hits, you know where he has got them from. Any guesses on some movie names? Will leave it to your imagination.