NTR has the biggest pressure of his lifetime


NTR’s last two films have made decent money and put the producers on the safe bet. But the pressure on NTR is on another level this time as Aravinda Sametha has got all the necessary attention. As the film is being directed by Trivikram, the distributors have once again made a solid purchase as the pre-release right have been sold for 94 crores.

Now, not only the film needs to get a good talk and save Trivikram, it needs to collect money. So the onus is on NTR as Trivikram gave a flop in the form of Agnyathavasi. The star hero needs to pull the crowds, perform in the film and even get numbers of 100 crores which will be tough for him who is already in pain because of the loss of his father. NTR is indeed in pressure to deliver the hit of his life and will he make it is the big question.