NTR biopic in two parts is just a baseless rumor

NTR's Biopic Concept Stolen From This Director

The release date is here as the biopic on legendary NTR will be out on the 9th of January with never before heard expectations in the Telugu states and overseas. Suddenly, since morning, there is a report going around that the film will be made in two parts straight as there is so much to show about the legend NTR.

But the truth is that the film will only be made in one part. Krish had an idea about making it in two parts but he wanted to see how the audience respond to the biopic which will have a lot of controversies showcased. The film will be ended in such a way that there will be a good chance of sequel later on if the team wants it but as of now, there is only one part and it will come out on Balakrishna’s favorite Sankranthi season.