NTR and Ram Charan Rejected Rajamouli’s Proposal?

NTR and Ram Charan Rejected Rajamouli's Proposal?

SS Rajamouli’s Multistarer film with NTR and Ram Charan – RRR was supposed to release on January 8th, 2021 as Sankranthi Release but the Coronavirus Pandemic forced an indefinite postponement. There are rumors that the movie may release only for Sankranthi 2022.

A little birdie in Filmnagar told us that Rajamouli wants to make the film into two parts and release the first part for Summer 2021 and the second for Sankranthi 2022. But NTR and Ram Charan reportedly rejected Rajamouli’s proposal as that would take a long time and would disturb their future commitments.

They reportedly asked him to complete the film as one part as planned first to avoid their late relieving from the movie. On the other side, everyone is eagerly waiting to see the teaser of Komaram Bheem Character in the film. The teaser was announced for the 22nd of this month’s release. The Ram Charan Teaser previously released got a tremendous response.