Noted director’s ex-wife supports him in Metoo allegations

Noted director's ex-wife supports him in Metoo allegations

Kangana and her rants on Twitter have gone to another level these days. She has targetted director Anurag Kashyap who has been quite vocal against Kangana and her rants in the last few days after Sushanth’s death.

One budding actress, Payal Ghosh has accused Anurag of sexual harassment and she put it out on Twitter the other. A new Metoo angle started against Anurag Kashyap but not many were taking count of it.

But all of a sudden Anurag Kashyap ex-wife Aarti has come out in support of Anurag and cleared the bad name on her husband. “First wife here… You are a rockstar @anuragkashyap10. Keep empowering women as you do and the safest place you create for all of them. I see it first hand with our daughter. There is no integrity left and the world is full of losers and no brains baying for the blood of anyone who has a voice.” posted Aarti.