Noted critic slams Taapsee’s double standards

Noted critic slams Taapsee's double standards

Taapsee is all over the news these days ever since Kangana called her a B grade actress. She is angry and is talking to all the TV channels and is targeting Kangana back in her own way which is open for all to see.

Taapsee openly says that she is not the one who will take personal grudge after someone’s death and that is what Kangana did in the last few days. But this attitude of Taapsee has not gone well with many in the business.

Noted critic Kamal R Khan slams Taapsee and says that she is doing all this for her personal publicity and is supporting the big banners as he has all the chances of getting a film in the days to come and that is the reason she is not supporting Sushanth’s death even after being an outsider. We need to see what will Taapsee say now.