No Hopes of Tollywood Resuming Operations Any Sooner

Tollywood Begins War Against VPF System

Telugu Film Industry has not resumed its operations despite the Government allowing the shoots. The filmmakers are keenly watching the developments in TV industry which has resumed the shootings recently. But everything turned topsyturvy.

The other day, TV Actor Prabhakar who is playing a crucial role in Zee Telugu’s Suryakantham serial has been diagnosed with Coronavirus. The shooting has been halted and the entire cast and crew have gone for the testing. All the TV serials have stopped shooting.

We have reliably learned that the filmmakers are not keen beginning their shootings anytime before August. Even the August start is only if the curve flattens by then. If not, the wait will only get longer. This will be disappointing news for the film workers, daily-wagers and the theater staff.