Negotiations reach final stage for Miss India’s OTT release

Negotiations reach final stage for Miss India's OTT release

Keerthy Suresh signed Miss India in the direction of Narendranath. We informed our viewers long back that the film will come out directly on the OTT platform as the film’s producer, Mahesh Koneru was in talks with some OTT giants for a deal.

The grapevine from his team is that the negotiations have come to an end and very soon things will be set clear. The film has been in the making for over a year now and was supposed to release in March 2020. Now the new release date will be announced soon.

The film is a lady oriented film and will showcase Keerthy Suresh in a never seen manner. Keerthy Suresh’s last film, Penguin was a big flop on Amazon and we need to see who will buy this Miss India that did not have any buzz from the day of its launch.