Natti Kumar Supports AP Government’s Controversial G.O.

Natti Kumar Supports AP Government's Controversial G.O.

While the Stars and Industry Biggies are silent on AP Government’s Controversial G.O., YSR Congress, the Ruling Party in Andhra Pradesh is trying to make the situation favorable for itself. The party’s favorable Filmmakers led by Natti Kumar called for a Pressmeet supporting the G.O.

They say the rates imposed will help audience come to the theaters and will breathe life into the small films. However, this is a flawed argument since theaters would not survive with that rates. If such theaters are lost, things will become even difficult for small films.

On the other hand,  most B and C centers in Andhra Pradesh are going to shutdown from April 16th as a mark of protest on this G.O. They could not sustain after big films postponed due to COVID Second Wave and with these rates imposed by the State Government. Let us see what is in store in the coming days.