Nara Rohit saves Veera Bhoga Vasanta Rayulu


So much was said about Sree Vishnu’s look in Veer Bhoga Vasanta Rayulu that it will create a sensation of sorts. From day one, the film was being promoted on a massive scale as it had so many stars in the film. The makers said that the film is one hell of a thriller and will shock many.

But still, the film did not make any sense to many and the release as also postponed. Now, the look of Sree Vishnu from the film out and this made a decent hulchul in the social media as Sree Vishnu looked unique and different.

All this happened since morning but the film is not catching any limelight. Many areas are still unsold and Nara Rohit, who is also the producer himself has decided to release the film on his own. Will this save the film, only time will tell.


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