Nani’s Script Goes to Vaishnav Tej

Nani's Script Goes to Vaishnav Tej

Panja Vaishnav Tej is in super demand after the super success of his debut film, Uppena. He already finished the shooting of his second film, Jungle Book with director Krish. He also signed two films with BVSN Prasad and Akkineni Nagarjuna.

We are told that the script he okayed for BVSN Prasad was first narrated to Natural Star Nani but then, the actor turned it down for some reason. However, Vaishnav Tej liked it instantly and gave his nod. A newcomer will be wielding the megaphone for this film.

The official announcement of the project will happen very soon. Vaishnav Tej is currently on a short break and will be back to work soon. The actor who charged 50 Lakhs for Uppena is reportedly charging 2.5 Crore for BVSN Prasad project and 3 Crore for Nagarjuna’s film.