Nani to unleash 2.0 version for his next

All those who have seen Nani these days are only asking one question and that is why has he lost so much weight. Also, Nani is growing his locks in a funky manner. The inside info is that Nani is doing all this for his new film which will be directed by Mohan Krishna Indraganti.

Nani will be playing the villain in the film and for this, he wants to really surprise the audience. The talk is that he will also sport a six-pack in the film and that is the reason, he has hit the gym and lost weight.

The news also says that Nani has done this because the hero of the film, Sudheer Babu, also has a toned body and Nani needs to look fit in front of him. So, one will surely see Nani 2.0 in his next film.