Nani takes a daring step for Shyam Singha Roy

Who Will Play Guest Role in Shyam Singha Roy?

Nani and his new film, Shyam Singha Roy have been in the news for the last few days. The biggest topic of it all is about the budget. Sithara Entertainments was supposed to produce the film but as Nani wanted to make the film on a big budget, they walked out, and now the film is being produced by Venkat Boyanapally.

But that is not the topic here as it is about the role Nani is going to play in the film. The inside info is that Nani will be seen as a 65-year-old man in one part of the film which is quite interesting to know.

This gives an idea as to whether Nani is doing a double role in the film or not. But he playing an elderly film in this film is a big step and we need to see if he will pull it off or not. The film is being directed by Rahul Sankrityan.