Nani goes silent after V’s disappointing outcome

Nani goes silent after V's disappointing outcome

The trailers of V created a superb hype for the film and so many were excited to watch it on the big screen. But the maker chose an OTT release as the film came out on Amazon Prime to super Hungama.

But the flop talk disappointed many. Though Dil Raju did not lose one rupee, the stars were disappointed a bit and out of them mainly was Nani. Sudheer Babu is going all out by promoting himself but Nani is nowhere to be seen.

Apart from giving a few interviews on release day and after, he has now gone silent. Many are blaming as to how Nani selected such a dull subject that had many loopholes. So, in order to keep away from all this, Nani has become silent in a big way now.