Nagarjuna to continue hosting Bigg Boss next year as well

Star Maa trying hard to bring NTR for the finale of Bigg Boss?

Nagarjuna is hosting the Bigg Boss show for the second time in a row and has got decent applause. For the fans, things are quite happy as Nag is bringing solid TRP’s for the show and making Star Maa happy.

The inside info is that Nagarjuna will mostly host the next season as well. The makers have advanced the talks and want Nag to host the show next year as well. They feel that he has a solid connection with the audience and also has understood the game nicely.

NTR was the one who started hosting the show. He was very much interested to host the show this time as well but the RRR shoot did not allow him to do so. When he knows that Nag is hosting the season this year as well, what will be his reaction needs to be seen.