Nagarjuna Self Promotion Reached to Peak Stage

Nagarjuna Self Promotion Reached to Peak Stage

Today’s senior heroes like Akkineni Nagarjuna are rarely seen in telugu film industry who is maintaining his physique perfectly. Even though he is nearing his age 60, it does not look much like Nag. Fitness Freak Nag,This is the result of decades of difficulty.

Not that Nag’s age influence is real or that he is the original alter in the look or the same. In the meantime his look was slightly different in few years. Now he is completely managing his glamor with makeup or else the change in nagarjuna is evident. But it seems odd that Nagarjuna would disagree with this and make his own work about his looks, physique and maintenance. In some cases it is okay but it is quite surprising that the same things are said everywhere in his movie functions.

In every Manmadhudu-2 media promotions, Nagarjuna says he thinks he is only 30 years old. He compliments him on his physique and looks.
In the latest episode of Manmadhudhu-2’s pre-release event, half of the speech was about his self dabba. Something may sound like a joke but,half of his speech is about about his age and physique, people are feeling that Nag is very Hippocratic.

Nag says that his look in Manmadhudhu-2 is one of the best of his career butone can know the fact that Nagarjuna doesn’t looks so great in the movie .Earlier, as part of ‘Manmadhudu-2’ promotions, there was much negativity in social media when it came to Face app publicity. It seems odd to think that nagarjuna is managing his age with makeup. It is noteworthy that Nag doesn’t want to talk about his age, but half of his speech is about his looks, physique and maintenance.