Disco Raja

Disco Raja Review


Movie: Movie: Disco Raja
Rating: 2.5/5
Banner: SRT Entertainments
Cast: Raviteja, Nabha Natesh, Payal Rajput, Bobby Simha
Music: S.S Thaman
Cinematography: Karthik Ghattamaneni
Producer(s):  Ram Talluri, Rajani Talluri
Director: V.I Anand
Release Date: January 24, 2020

Punchline: ‘Usko Raja’


No Spoilers.

Movie starts off with a scene where Ravi Teja is killed by some goons in Ladakh. Some tourists will find Ravi Teja dead body and bring to a lab where they are experimenting bring back dead alive. As Ravi Teja doesn’t have any records or any relatives, they want to try their experiment on Ravi Teja and succeed. However, Ravi Teja doesn’t remember anything and he wants to who is he and where is he from and why people killed him. On other hand, we have Vasu (another Ravi Teja), who lives with some Orphans and they all bond as a family. He will be doing multiple jobs to clear off the debts the Orphanage head has made for the treatment of a girl. On the day they wanted to clear the debt, son of orphanage head robs the money from his dad and leaves to Goa. Vasu goes to Goa to get the money and disappears. Rest of the story is how Disco Raj (Older Ravi Teja), discovers himself, and who are the people who tried to kill him? What does Sethu, the antagonist in the film, has to do with Ravi Teja’s death?

Artistes’ Performances:

  • Ravi Teja is at his best and his energy levels as always are at peaks

  • Nabha and Payal were just namesake heroines and didn’t have much scope

  • Bobby Simha was just okay

  • Vennela Kishore did bring some laughs

  • Sunil and Satya were just okay too


  • Raviteja’s Performance

  • Thaman’s BGM is amazing

  • Cinematography


  • 2nd Half

  • Screenplay

  • A novel plot becomes a routine movie in the end


Disco Raja, created enough hype with its interesting promos and a creative plot. Ravi Teja has been eagerly waiting for a comeback as all his previous films were duds. Vi Anand, who is known to do different movies is also waiting for a hit as his Okka Kshanam was an average fare at Box Office. Disco Raja starts off well with an interesting plot and the first half feels just okay with a good interval twist. However, things go haywire in 2nd half as it becomes a routine revenge drama and the director failed to use the concept he established in first half. In the end, there is a twist, which again feels like a forced one and it makes the climax stretched. Even the comedy didn’t work out well and the retro episodes in the film look very artificial. Production values of the film are pretty good and camera work needs a special mention. The other hero of the film in Thaman as his BGM took some scenes to next level. Overall, Disco Raja disappoints and Ravi Teja’s wait for a hit continues

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